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Finnish Fintech Ecosystem Ltd (FFE) and Codigi partnership

Finnish Fintech Ecosystem Ltd (FFE) and Codigi partner to provide professional software development services for their clients

Stockholm-Helsinki – Vilnius September 3, 2021 – Today FFE,a leading Nordic financial services Fintech specialised ecosystem consultant house with customer base among both Financial Services players, Fintech’s, Tech companies and corporate organisations, has started co-operation with Codigi to promote their development teams to boost financial services business.

We, FFE, are glad to partner together with Codigi. The shortage of different types of development resources like backend, frontend, mobile developers, quality assurance and devops specialists in financial services is obvious and e.g., many corporate & consumer customers’ requests for new innovative banking solutions does not fly within their banking partners as resourcing is a bottleneck. So, we are excited to announce a new partnership with IT consultancy company Codigi.

Codigi is based and operating from Lithuania, but they already have a few years of successful co-operation with Finnish different types of financial services companies helping them with software development challenges. As we, FFE, also operate very much in Sweden as well, it is extremely important for us that Codigi has also existing projects in Sweden as well.  On top of that they have ongoing projects in Lithuania and the USA.

“Analyst firm Gartner predicted that by this year, market demand for apps will grow at least 5X faster than IT´s capacity to deliver them. It is no surprise that to stay competitive, enterprises need increasingly more and better software. Most demand for software is driven by customer expectations. And as digitalisation transforms business, it creates challenges for leaders across the C-suite management. We as a Nordic financial services Fintech and Tech specialised consultant house want to bring new tools and resources for the financial services sector via Codigi. We hope that our customers can gain competitive advantage via this partnership” says Kirsi Larkiala, CEO for FFE.

“We are happy to start working with FFE as it is a great opportunity for us to scale our services and use all the potential we have.Focusing on banking and fintech businesses we have the right experience and skills in software development and related areas where we see growing demand in the Nordic region. Our aim is to become a trustworthy partner and consultant for FFE companies.” says Vaidas Mileikis, CEO for Codigi. 

For further information please contact:

Kirsi Larkiala CEO, Co-Founder

T: +358 (0) 50 5978069

About FFE Finnish Fintech Ecosystem Ltd

(FFE) is a leading Nordic financial services Fintech specialised ecosystem consultant house with customer bases among both Financial Services players, Fintech’s and Tech companies and corporate organisations. We are consistently recognised for our expertise and customer-centric approach, which we achieve by listening to our customers,committing to quality and trust, and encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset in everything we do. We are partnering with associations, tech houses,consultants, law firms and the whole financial services. The aim is to develop innovative, value-added services for the end- customers in collaboration. More information via 

About Codigi

Codigi is a full stack development house where we are building tomorrow's IT company with high focus on end result deliveries and only professional services for our clients.

We could provide specialists to supplement and strengthen your teams or build full cross-functional teams able to boost your business. Our company is valued for open communication, short lead time and professionals with international experience.

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