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  • Kirsi Larkiala

Merchant Payments Ecosystem (mpe) :B2B payments in digital era

Highlight of the March? Together with representatives from Visa  & Bank of America , one of our top payments #fintech Pinecone Sami Karhunen is talking about B2B payments in digital era: 

The transition to digital platforms for better efficiency, cost savings, and accuracy

- Innovations in cross-border B2B payments 

- B2B payment platform security features, including encryption, authentication, and fraud detection

- B2B payments: Opportunities for market disruption

One of the most important plenary sessions of the conference, which is the new face of Merchant Payments Ecosystem (mpe) with 1,400 industry peers ,  The European #1 merchant payments event,

discussing the future of card acquiring & alternative payments.

Strong recommendation to follow this innovative fintech from Finland!

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