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  • Kirsi Larkiala

Eurofinance Trends 2020

Great Eurofinance conference last week with over 4000 delegates! Very relevant topics for corporates, but also for #banks, #tech houses, and #Fintechs helping corporate treasuries: How is treasury run? What is on the agenda? What will the future of the industry look like now and how new tech will impact treasury operations, as well as banks and Fintechs? Changing business models and the new requirements and demands on the financial sector as a whole.

In world-class companies, the need for new strategies is evident and the very latest technological solutions in the treasury are developed in tandem with the advanced banking partners, but also more with fintech players and a professional team dedicated to the delivery of advisory in core treasury functions and activities in the changing #financialservices ecosystem.

Combining and guiding the valid players in three conners; corporates, banks, and Fintechs is the best way advisory teams work.

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