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  • Kirsi Larkiala

Hanko and the Strategic Workshops for Financial Services - Make It Happen in Your Business

Fantastic summer is over, and we had a lot of customers visiting the sunshine Hanko and participating in our summer edition of strategic workshops for financial services management teams and key people in the industry.

Why is Hanko and summer such a great time to take some 1,5 days/ 2 day sessions? A strategy workshop can be a powerful tool for getting a plan for growth hammered out with your key resources or management team.

What do we basically do in the workshops?

- The Business Diagnostic

The first deep dive session in any strategy workshop consists of running some form of business diagnostic to grasp exactly what is happening in the business today. This is especially important as the financial services sector is such a fast-moving tech and global driven animal.

- Sales Growth

The most important part of the workshop is to look at HOW you’ll achieve growth; where will growth come from and what actions will you need to take to create the kind of profits you really desire. And the question; is the current business profitable?

- Market Visibility

Strategy workshops always include some dedicated time for blue sky thinking. For the real out of the box conversations about what might be possible for your business short term and long term. We will look at the competitors and the industry as a whole - what trends are happening and what kind of role you are playing in that space? Are

there dynamic bold moves you could make and overall brand visibility?

- 3 Year Plan vrs. Immediate 90 Day Plan

The creation of your 3-year plan we SKIP. Why? The industry is moving so fast that the 3-year practical roadmap for the next 3 years is already next month old. Instead, we focus on the Immediate 90 Day Plan. How to make it real for work tomorrow.

This short window of a plan focuses you on what really matters in the next 3 months and will influence what and how to allocate resources and make your growth plan real with tangible steps that your team can take.

Creating an effective strategy workshop can be challenging as it must be unique to your business. But it is a clear investment of your time and energy for the autumn. It is always ultimately worth it if you can come out with hard deliverables to show for your efforts: where the business is now, where you want it to get to, determine what gaps exist between the two and then carefully reflect on what business you really want to build.

And in Hanko it is always so much fun and positive vibes! Bookings for the next summer Strategic Workshops have already opened; please contact for further information.

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