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  • Kirsi Larkiala

Finnish Fintech Ecosystem Ltd (FFE) and Treasury Delta partnership

Finnish Fintech Ecosystem Ltd (FFE) and Treasury Delta partner to provide platform technology to assist financial institutions, corporates and treasury consultancy firms transact in a more efficient way using digital technology.

Stockholm-Helsinki – August 25, 2021 – Today FFE, a leading Nordic financial services Fintech specialised ecosystem consultant house with customer base among both Financial Services players, Fintech’s, Tech companies and corporate organisations, has partnered with Treasury Delta to promote their novel corporate treasury tender platform technology.

We, FFE, are glad to partner together with Treasury Delta. Treasury Delta´s niche service offering enables financial institutions, corporates, treasury advisory firms and tech houses like TMS software vendors to transact complex treasury related projects, like Requests for Proposals (RFPs), in a quicker and cost-effective way for all parties.

RFPs are an essential part of a business and source of cost-savings. In practise, they are a pain and take several months, can be very costly and at the end of the process, you cannot be sure that you’ve covered everything and made the ‘best’ choice. From a financial institution point of view RFPs take away customer relationship face time with current and prospect customers and many different stakeholders within the organisation are involved in the process which is not only very costly for the firm but also has a real opportunity cost.

“Corporate treasury’s biggest expense is often bank fees, but few organisations are able to regularly monitor this expense with the accuracy and insight needed to effect change as the tender process is cumbersome without technology.” said Kirsi Larkiala, CEO, FFE. “We are glad to start collaboration with Treasury Delta as the partnership highlights to market a relevant digital treasury platform offering, which enables financial institutions, corporates, treasury advisory firms and tech houses to streamline and manage their treasury related heavy and costly RFPs to be processed more efficiently and effectively.” continues Kirsi Larkiala.

There are several operational efficiency benefits for banks, treasury advisory firms and TMS vendors involved in the RFP process as the platform presents the ‘corporate need’ and data in a clear and concise manner. It also functions as a lead-generating tool for both relationship and non-relationship banks as real time data analytics on the overall corporate wallet size are presented within the platform. What’s really innovative about Treasury Delta is where they can white label a customised version of their technology to financial institutions and treasury advisory firms. These proprietary platforms are designed to simplify the customer journey when it comes to customer acquisition and new business for the former, and to expedite RFP management for the latter.

Also, market dynamics, increased compliance and competitive pressure to scale mean that the corporate treasury related RFP market is ripe for transformation. Our partnership with Treasury Delta allows FFE´s ecosystem stakeholders and customers to benefit with the latest technology solution that provides full transparency, visibility, benchmarking and control over their financial services activities.

Historically, many financial institutions, treasury consultants and advisory firms have been reliant on manual processes when it comes to corporate treasury tenders and complex corporate banking transactions. This is a significant man-hours cost to such firms and hinders the growth and agility of sales and new business. With the Treasury Delta platform, they will be able to tap into affordable technology that optimises the management of such projects thereby producing massive time and cost savings.

“Our partnership with Treasury Delta will also ensure that banks are future-proofed, improve their risk management, enhance their sales and operational processes cross-function and continue to enjoy the latest digital innovation capabilities. FFE is proud to partner with Treasury Delta and help financial institutions, corporates, treasury consultants and advisory firms and tech houses to continue to grow.”

“Treasury Delta are delighted to partner with FFE and it paves the way for a new and exciting chapter in the Nordic region which is regarded as one of the market leaders when it comes to innovation and digital banking. Although corporate treasury is a niche area there is so much happening on the banking and vendor side from a product enhancement, investment and collaboration perspective and our primary role at Treasury Delta is to facilitate the interaction and engagement between the various parties. In partnering with FFE, Treasury Delta’s offering and value proposition will be marketed more effectively to this marketplace and beyond which will fast track our development within the FinTech industry.” Padraig Brosnan, founder and CEO.

For further information please contact:

Kirsi Larkiala

CEO, Co-Founder

T: +358 (0) 50 5978069


About FFE

Finnish Fintech Ecosystem Ltd (FFE) is a leading Nordic financial services Fintech specialised ecosystem consultant house with customer bases among both Financial Services players, Fintech’s and Tech companies and corporate organisations. We are consistently recognised for our expertise and customer-centric approach, which we achieve by listening to our customers, committing to quality and trust, and encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset in everything we do. We are partnering with associations, tech houses, consultants, law firms and the whole financial services. The aim is to develop innovative, value-added services for the end- customers in collaboration. More information via

About Treasury Delta

Treasury Delta is an Irish based FinTech company that has brought to market a platform that has effectively digitised a corporate treasury RFP between corporates, their advisors and banks/TMS vendors.

Their core theme is all around collaboration whereby they assist all parties to conduct transactions in a more efficient and cost-effective way using digital technology. By simplifying and streamlining the process it saves all stakeholders time, money and a lot of hassle!

The platform can be used by corporates and/or their advisors for transactions primarily in cash management and treasury management system selection. Treasury Delta’s role is to facilitate the transaction and remains completely impartial at all times.

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Nov 04, 2021

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